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Drone Earthwork & Construction Dumfries

Your Drone Experts, Scotland & North England.

Drones can automatically survey a standard construction site in as little as 30 minutes with great precision.

drone survey of quarry face for cut and fill

Construction Earthwork Monitoring in Dumfries

Your Drone Experts. Trusted by Serco Group and Inverclyde Council.

Construction sites are notorious for moving a lot dirt. Earthworks are often overlooked as part of construction.

It is not easy to earn a profit in earthworks. This is a highly competitive industry with high equipment prices, high risks and small margins. Success and failure are often separated by a razor-thin margin.

Drones are a great tool for monitoring earthworks. They provide real-time information and visual feedback, which can assist contractors in making informed decisions and adjustments.

Drones are a great tool for earthworks monitoring. They can provide accurate and timely data, as well as progress monitoring.

How Are Drones Helping with Earthworks Monitoring?

Drones are becoming more popular and they're no longer just seen as a toy. Drones are being used by many industries and construction is not an exception.

Drones can now collect vast amounts of accurate information over a wide area using either LiDAR or photogrammetry in a short amount of time.

The data can be shared and processed quickly, allowing managers and engineers make quick decisions based on the most current information.

This will reduce the chances of costly mistakes or, at least, catch them early.

RTK Mavic 3 Enterprise drone for stockpile measurements

Why Are Drones Used In Construction?

There are various reasons for why drones have become such an increasingly prevalent presence on construction sites, one being their ability to deliver high-quality data through topographic mapping and land surveying.

However, while accurate data must be delivered by drones in a safe way, its safety must also be prioritised. From equipment tracking to remote monitoring, drone data can help site managers make better decisions and preemptively respond to dangerous obstacles before an accident happens - ultimately increasing overall site safety significantly.

Commercial quality drones provide highly accurate information, rarely providing inaccurate or misleading data.

How Can Drones Help?

Here are some examples of drones being used in construction/earthwork projects:

  • Calculations of 3D digital terrain models & geodetic measurements

  • Analysis of Cut and Fill

  • Stockpile volumes

  • Calculation of vehicle load and routes

  • Data on the performance of employees and the analysis of their work volume during the period of reporting

  • Current indicators can be used to predict the future of work.


For most field engineers, the use of drones in earthworks is based on a single reason: speed. With traditional workflows it can take several hours to measure the aggregates or stockpiles on the site. Then, the processing of the data takes between 1-2 working days. The drones can do this in less time and with greater accuracy.

A drone can quickly collect data on site, which allows surveyors to concentrate on their core competencies, instead of spending days or even weeks collecting it.

Drone surveys can provide useful data for a variety of purposes, including quantifying earthworks, stockpile volume, Materials Management Plan (MMP), As Built Surveys and much more.

stockpile measurements by drone

Accurate Data

After the site has been digitalised it can then be cleaned and verified before any calculations are generated. We can remove machinery, trees and equipment to avoid interfering with the calculation of cut and fill.

The digital terrain models are delivered to CAD programs as though the site engineers captured them themselves.

It is not only the speed that makes this method superior, but also the amount of information it can provide, which was impossible with older methods.


Visual Pursuit uses RTK-equipped drones as well as ground control points to provide you with survey quality data you can trust.

Cut And Fill Analysis

For cut-and fill analyses and comparisons, it will be required to conduct a topographic survey, where data is collected in a grid on the site.

This survey may take several days for large sites with complex terrain. The post-processing of the data can also add another few days.

After aerial data has been collected, the drone software can export into Autodesk file formats such as Civil 3D.

It is a valuable tool to be able compare the earth movement against the design of the surface. The data from drones is able to be overlaid on other surveys or designs, which allows for a comparison of the site as built versus design as well as as-builts in time.

Unstable or Unreachable Areas

Sites that are large and busy, especially in the excavation area, can be dangerous. We can safely cover the entire site using drones with no safety concerns

The drones are compact and can reach awkward areas or angles that most surveyors wouldn't feel comfortable exploring on their own. Why risk your life when you can have a drone collect data?

Time and Cost Saving

In less than an hour, a 25ha site could be surveyed. A 100ha site would take a day.

If required, data can be delivered the next day. However, we typically aim to have the data to you in 48 hours. It means that accurate data can be delivered in near-real time. A drone survey is more cost-effective and faster, so it can be performed frequently.


This accurate information, provided in almost real time, helps improve the decision making of project managers when it comes stockpile management. Construction companies require accurate data from the start of a project to its completion in order to manage their supply chains efficiently.

By obtaining accurate information in advance, construction companies can reduce the risk of unexpected expenses.

Safety Aspect

Construction sites are busy places and heavy equipment is often moving through the area.

Drones are able to provide accurate and safe Surveys, Cut-and Fill analysis, Stockpile Volumes by enabling workers collect measurements at a safe distance. Drones can be programmed to perform a mission, while accompanied by a pilot at a distance and an observer on the ground.


Drones have quickly become an invaluable tool in earthwork applications such as excavation, grading and site preparation. Equipped with cameras and sensors, drones equipped with camera-equipped drones are used to capture high-resolution imagery of construction sites - providing contractors and project managers with vital insights for project success. For instance;

Site Surveying: Drones can quickly and efficiently survey construction sites or quarries, providing high-resolution imagery and topographical data that can help plan and design construction projects, optimise earthmoving activities, identify potential issues and make plans for them.

Calculation: Drones equipped with photogrammetry software can accurately track the volume of earth moved during excavation and grading activities, providing information that allows project managers to ensure everything is progressing according to plan, as well as to identify any discrepancies or potential problems that might arise during these activities.

Cut-and-Fill Analysis: Drones can create 3D models of construction sites, providing an in-depth view of terrain features such as cut-and-fill areas. This data can then be used to optimise earthmoving activities by tracking material movement and keeping logs, which helps ensure material accounted for at all times.

Site Progress Monitoring: Drones can capture high-resolution imagery of construction sites to provide real-time feedback on progress and any issues that might arise, providing real-time data that can be used during board meetings to adjust schedules, allocate resources or make other important decisions as required. This data could then be utilised in board decisions.

Safety Inspections: Drones can be used to conduct safety inspections of earthworks sites, identifying any potential risks and verifying that workers adhere to established protocols.

Drones can be an invaluable asset for earthwork applications, providing contractors with real-time data and visual feedback that allows them to optimise construction activities while ensuring the project proceeds safely and efficiently.

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ConstructionLine & SSIP (Safety Schemes in Procurement)

As a drone company, being a Constructionline member and having SSIP accreditation offer several benefits. Firstly, Constructionline membership streamlines the pre-qualification process, saving us time and effort in demonstrating our compliance with industry standards, such as health and safety, technical capabilities, and financial stability. This can improve our chances of winning contracts and gaining access to a wide range of construction projects.

Secondly, having SSIP accreditation demonstrates our commitment to maintaining high levels of health and safety in our operations, which is especially crucial in the drone industry where safety is our main priority. It shows that we have implemented robust safety protocols and procedures to protect our workers, clients, the public and minimises risks associated with our services.

Moreover, being a Constructionline member and having SSIP accreditation enhances our credibility and reputation within the construction industry. It reassures our clients that we have undergone thorough assessments by reputable organisations and have met recognised industry standards, which can give them confidence in our reliability and ability to deliver projects safely, efficiently and in compliance with regulations.

What Makes Dumfries Special

Dumfries is a town located in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland. It is the largest town in the region and serves as its administrative centre. Dumfries has a rich history, with notable landmarks such as Dumfries Castle and the Burns House Museum, which celebrates the life and works of the famous Scottish poet Robert Burns. The town has a vibrant cultural scene, with theatres, art galleries, and festivals.

Football is popular in Dumfries, with Queen of the South FC being the local football club. The club competes in the Scottish Championship.

Dumfries is well-connected by road, with the A75 and A76 roads passing through the town, providing links to other parts of Scotland. The town also has a train station, offering rail connections to various destinations.

Drones have practical applications in Dumfries. In the tourism industry, drones are used to capture aerial footage and imagery of the town's historical sites, landscapes, and events. They provide a unique perspective for promotional materials and tourist attractions. Drones are also utilised in surveying and mapping, aiding in urban planning, infrastructure development, and land management. They can capture high-resolution aerial imagery and provide valuable data for development projects. Additionally, drones find applications in environmental monitoring, capturing data on wildlife habitats and conservation efforts.

Overall Summary

Drones are a great tool for earthwork. Drones improve worker safety and speed, reduce costs and accelerate better decisions and planning.

How Are Drones Impacting The Construction Industry?

Since their invention, drones have had a profound impact on the construction industry in a number of ways - for instance;

  1. Increased Efficiency: Drones allow construction teams to more quickly and accurately map job sites, helping them plan and execute their work more efficiently.

  2. Increased Safety: By employing drones to inspect structures and monitor job sites, construction companies can identify any potential safety hazards and take immediate steps to address them before they cause accidents or injuries.

  3. Cost savings: Drones can help construction companies reduce expenses by cutting the need for manual labor and expensive equipment, as well as by quickly identifying issues before they become more costly issues.

  4. Drones provide improved data collection and analysis capabilities: Drones can gather a wide variety of information, such as 3D maps, thermal imagery and video footage for analysis to provide valuable insight into job site conditions and performance.

  5. Improved communication and collaboration: Drones provide real-time visual data and information to all parties involved, leading to improved communications among construction teams, architects and project managers.

Drones are revolutionising the construction industry by improving efficiency, safety and collaboration while simultaneously cutting costs and providing invaluable data and insights.

Our Drone Services

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Visual Pursuit is a family-owned drone solution business based in Scotland, founded in 2017. We provide our services throughout Scotland & North England. Delivering a fast and reliable solution to our clients that's both time saving and cost-effective compared to traditional methods. We strive to be the future in visual solutions.


We are governed, regulated and approved by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).


Our pilots hold all relevant certificates (A2 CofC & GVC) and are approved to pilot under Visual Pursuit's 'Operational Authorisation', this is our rule book given by the CAA to Operate Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), this enables us to get close to involved and uninvolved persons when completing tasks for our customers.


The latest in drone technology. Visual Pursuit's collection of drones are capable of capturing accurate surveying data, stunning aerial photography, video, high zoom, thermal imaging, RTK and a whole lot more.


We have many years of experience when it comes to video and photo editing, processing of data to be used in surveying, 3D modelling, stockpile volumes and cut-and-fill analysis.​


When it comes to insurance, Visual Pursuit Ltd is fully insured to work in all environments, our public liability covers us for up to £1,000,000.00 GBP this can be increased depending on the type of task we are being requested to carry out.


We are the one stop shop for drone solutions and offer free no obligation quotes.

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