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Commercial Drone Services

Until the last few years, surveying, inspecting and mapping assets have been costly and highly inefficient to conduct. Workers are often placed in dangerous situations or spending valuable time to provide essential reports. Drones (UAVs) are a cost effective and safe solution for all of these complications. VISUAL PURSUIT can help you increase business efficiencies by implementing the use of drones and move you into the next generation of asset monitoring and mapping.

Industries We Cover

Construction Progress


Aerial time-lapse photography is the technique of taking imagery at the same location and height over a period of time, displaying the change and progress periodically.


You will be able to communicate your project achievements to stakeholders, consultants, contractors and staff. We can also supply print ready images ‘on demand’ for publicity, press releases and online content.


Through our latest drone technology and software, Visual Pursuit are also able to reconstruct the site as a 3D model over time creating the most impressive visual display for your clients.

Drone Inspections


Working at dangerous heights and areas to inspect assets such as machinery and pipelines creates complex challenges in terms of OH&S and possible operation downtime.

Our drones carry high-resolution cameras whilst hovering in close proximity to inaccessible areas for inspection. By doing this we are able to keep your workmen safe and on the ground. These drones can be launched within minutes and fly direct to the area of interest. Our technology also enables us to provide your team with a live HD video feed to the operator or to any office.

Key Benefits:

Cost Reductions – An inspection while the asset is still online will save you up to 60% of valuable production time and money.


Minimal Health & Safety issues – Our small, light, unmanned, battery-operated UAVs reduce the need for personnel to b­e placed in dangerous situations


Minimal Risk – Keep personnel and machinery safe with low risk whilst working in dangerous areas.


No Shutdowns – Plants, rigs, flare stacks are able to stay online and operational during inspections


Higher Quality Information – Our Pilot skills together with using cutting-edge technology allows a high quality of data and diagnosis within minutes

Eliminate working at heights with remote inspections.

inspection-bridge-safety-commercial & domestic drone servcies.jpeg

Mapping & Surveying


UAVs have the ability to create high resolution and accurate imagery for mapping and land surveying.


Visual Pursuit can mobilise and be in the air within minutes of arriving on site and provide you with a user-friendly interface in a just a matter of hours!


The aerial imagery is geo referenced and ortho-rectified with extreme accuracy, meaning measurements can be taken directly from the drone images. Measurements such as area, distance, volume calculations and elevation models.


Our systems are programmed to fly in an pre-programmed path, perfect for time-lapse analysis for industries like construction, commercial real estate and more

Mapping & Surveying - 2d/3d/volume estimates, drone services

Thermal Imagery

See what the eye can’t see. It’s no secret about thermal technology, however a thermal camera on a drone with has become an invaluable tool. Weather it’s inspecting a HVAC, or solar panel for pixel sized temperature variations or on a large-scale area for precision crop analysis.

Utilising the latest Flir thermal micro cameras combined with a range of flying platforms, Visual Pursuit can capture high-resolution thermal video and full colour images simultaneously. Our thermal inspection equipment is stabilised by a cinema-grade brushless gimbal.

Ideal for infrastructure and process plant inspections our drone-based systems simplify the inspection process giving you quality data at low costs.

Inspection reporting is available post flight with spot measurements of hot/cold points of interest. Our drone systems allow you to frequently inspect inaccessible and dangerous areas without compromising safety to personnel.

dji thermal visual pursuit commercial & domestic drone services

Popular Services

*Image courtesy of DJI

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