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glasgow drone survey and mapping services

 How can Drones Save your Business time and money? 

Fast & Accurate

Faster and more accurate compared to traditional method

Eco Friendly

Producing 84% less greenhouse-gas emissions compared diesel trucks

Cost Effective

More cost effective soloution than traditional methods

In recent years, drones have become increasingly popular for both individual and professional use. These versatile flying machines offer a unique perspective and provide a range of capabilities that can benefit a wide variety of businesses.
One of the most obvious ways that drones can be used in a business is for aerial photography and videography. With their ability to capture stunning footage from a bird's-eye view, drones are an excellent tool for creating promotional content for your business. This could include video ads, virtual tours of your facilities, or even live-streaming events.

Drones can be used for a variety of other purposes in business. For example, drones can be used for surveying and mapping, allowing you to quickly and precisely assess large areas of land or buildings. This service is typically used in construction and real estate businesses. Drones can capture enormous amounts of data quickly and safely, and this can be processed to create 3D models, maps and reports.

Using drones for surveying and mapping can save your business time and money by reducing the need for traditional surveying methods, such as using ground-based equipment or hiring surveyors. It provides more accurate and detailed information than these traditional methods, allowing you to make more informed decisions about your projects.


In addition, drones can access areas that may be challenging or dangerous for people to reach, making them a safer and more efficient option for surveying and mapping.

uk drone surveying and mapping service
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Drones can also be used for inspection and maintenance tasks. With their ability to fly into tight spaces and capture high-resolution photographs, they can help you pinpoint and address potential issues with your equipment or infrastructure. This in turn saves your business time and money by allowing you to rapidly and safely conduct inspections without the need for scaffolding or other costly equipment. Examples include roofs, bridges, aerial masts and wind turbines.

Overall Benefit

Drones offer a vast range of benefits for businesses across many trade sectors. From creating promotional content to conducting inspections and surveys, they can help you increase efficiency and reduce costs in a variety of ways. If you are considering incorporating drones into your business, contact Visual Pursuit, we offer a multitude of drone services helping to save you and your business money.


Our drone operators work on everything from insurance claims to building inspections, from music video filming to golf course promotion shoots.

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