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Search & Rescue
Drone Service

We are Scotland's leading professional drone service. Using commercial grade drones, we are able to locate persons, animals and objects from great distances using high zoom and thermal imaging. This can be achieved at a fraction of the cost and time of traditionally search methods.

Located in Glasgow and regularly travel throughout Scotland & England.

We go where people can't

We take it serious when locating persons and animals.

Our drones can fly for up to 30 minutes per battery, through and around objects.


If the situation calls for it, we are able to use thermal imaging (night vision) to search in low light conditions, ensuring we have missed nothing. We can also share the live footage with rescuers.


Visual Pursuit offers fast response for when these events occur. We will rearrange other tasks to ensure we get to you as quickly as possible.


Search & Rescue doesn't need to be missing persons or animals.


This service is also used for entering buildings that are deemed hazardous and too dangerous for human.


Our drones would usually enter ahead of emergency services to check for structural stability or locate individuals or objects.

This service is used most for;

  • Locating humans and animals

  • Low light searching for humans and animals

  • Entering dangerous & hazardous areas or buildings

  • Locating objects where people can't

  • Locate missing vehicles

  • Security purposes, for example sweeping large areas of land in minutes missing nothing

Our services are endless. We will discuss exactly what you are looking to achieve and set expectations along the way ensuring nothing is missed.


Visual Pursuit is a Glasgow based company and offers a nationwide service, we go where your project takes us.


We provide a high quality and cost effective service and offer free no obligation quotes.



If you would like to know more or get a quote please don't hesitate to contact us.

Call: 0141 478 0105
Contract Form: HERE

Prices vary depending on your chosen task and requirements, however you will receive a free quote in advance to ensure you are happy prior to any work starting. Depending on the type and size of the task a deposit may be requested.

✅ Free no obligation quotes given prior to work starting
✅ High quality & cost efficient solution to existing methods
✅ We've got you covered with our UK wide drone service


We’ve got you covered.

VISUAL PURSUIT is Glasgow based however provides a national service throughout Scotland and England. We go where your project requires us. 


Free NO Obligation Quote in minutes.

Thanks for submitting! We usually respond within a day however it may take until the next working day.

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