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Property & Land Marketing

We are Scotland's leading professional drone service. Using commercial grade drones, we are able to market your property, land or asset helping to increase footfall or chances of letting and selling. We are the one stop shop for any drone service and offer studio editing for photography, promo videos, commercials and more.

Located in Glasgow and regularly travel throughout Scotland & England. We go where your task requires us.

A new more impactful way of marketing

The way in which we view properties online is changing.


Using ground only photography and out-dated, poor quality map photos like google to show your property or land from above. These types of images don't show your property in its best light and often doesn't show the entirety of the property.

We are changing this.

Our drones will capture stunning photography from different angles showing surround areas while using a combination of ground photography, ensuring the target audience can see everything.


We also have the ability to give your potential buyer or tenant the ultimate virtual tour, enabling them to virtually walk around the property, meaning an in person viewing may not be required.


We've found this service to be used most in;

  • Selling a property

  • Selling land

  • Selling a service

  • Renting a property

  • increasing holiday home bookings (airbnb)

  • Hotel & Spas

  • Car Showrooms

  • Activity Centre

Our services are endless. We will discuss exactly what you are looking to achieve and set expectations along the way ensuring nothing is missed and that the outcome is exactly what you were looking for.


Visual Pursuit is a Glasgow based company and offers a nationwide service, we go where your project takes us.


We provide a high quality and cost effective service and offer free no obligation quotes.



If you would like to know more or get a quote please don't hesitate to contact us.

Call: 0141 478 0105
Contract Form: HERE

Prices vary depending on your chosen task and requirements, however you will receive a free quote in advance to ensure you are happy prior to any work starting. Depending on the type and size of the task a deposit may be requested.

✅ Free no obligation quotes given prior to work starting
✅ High quality & cost efficient solution to existing methods
✅ We've got you covered with our UK wide drone service

ConstructionLine & SSIP (Safety Schemes in Procurement)

As a drone company, being a Constructionline member and having SSIP accreditation offer several benefits. Firstly, Constructionline membership streamlines the pre-qualification process, saving us time and effort in demonstrating our compliance with industry standards, such as health and safety, technical capabilities, and financial stability. This can improve our chances of winning contracts and gaining access to a wide range of construction projects.

Secondly, having SSIP accreditation demonstrates our commitment to maintaining high levels of health and safety in our operations, which is especially crucial in the drone industry where safety is our main priority. It shows that we have implemented robust safety protocols and procedures to protect our workers, clients, the public and minimises risks associated with our services.

Moreover, being a Constructionline member and having SSIP accreditation enhances our credibility and reputation within the construction industry. It reassures our clients that we have undergone thorough assessments by reputable organisations and have met recognised industry standards, which can give them confidence in our reliability and ability to deliver projects safely, efficiently, and in compliance with regulations.


We’ve got you covered.

VISUAL PURSUIT is Glasgow based however provides a national service throughout Scotland and England. We go where your project requires us. 


Free NO Obligation Quote in minutes.

Thanks for submitting! We usually respond within a day however it may take until the next working day.

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